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Michele Gonzales (Earth-616) 0003

Michele doesn't suspect Peter's identity.

The sister of imprisoned police Officer Vincent Gonzales. Deputed when she represented her brother after his arrest for his involvement in the "Spider-Tracer Killer" conspiracy and was able to get a plea bargain for him for a lighter punishment.

Later she turned up to take control of Vincent's flat and met his fellow flatmate Peter Parker, whom she met after Peter unknowingly spent two months away while in an alternate dimension with the Fantastic Four. [1]

Parker invited her to the wedding of his Aunt May Parker and Jay Jonah Jameson. After getting drunk the pair ended up together unknowingly in a one-night stand, which complicated their relationship. [2]

When the Chameleon took over Peter Parker's life he tried to make things good with Michele. Some time after her brother has been released from prison, Michelle has moved back to Chicago with her job of watching over her brother's apartment done and says goodbye to Peter before leaving admitting he wasn't as bad of a guy as she thought. [3]

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