Trained in Italy, Argento (Italian for Silver) was a Carabiniere from the G.I.S.. He was chosen for being part of Task Force by Dragonfly.

He acquired his powers on a in Malaysia where disappeared after opening a a gate for a random safe place to permit the escape of the team.

Argento didn't join the new line-up of Euroforce. His current whereabout is unknown.


Argento's powers are of mystical nature, but is unknown why Argento has them or what may have triggered their activation.

Argento shows to be able to open gates for short-range teleportation, having random precognition of incoming future [a sort of "danger-sense", since he has seen attacks just few seconds before they appear] and even being able to "mind blast" opponents with mystical energy.


Argento specializes in both hand-to-hand and firearm combat, and is an expert in infiltration and sniping.


Various firearms.

  • Argento's full name was revealed in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Hardcover Vol. 4.

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