Patrick or "Pat" was one of the three clones of Michael van Patrick created by the Initiative.

Throughout the events of the rampaging MVP clone, KIA, the aftermath of the Skrull invasion and followed by the insane Thor clone, Patrick became the only clone to survive these unfortunate events. After the death of the MVP clone, Michael, Patrick publicly unmasked himself, revealing to the media that the Initiative had secretly cloned MVP. This revelation allowed Norman Osborn to indefinitely close down Camp Hammond.[2]


  • Naturally Enhanced Physiology: Due to Pat being a clone of Michael Van Patrick he has the same powers as the original one, who's strength, endurance, and agility are comparable to Captain America.
    • Peak Human Strength: Pat's physical strength is equal to the peak of human potential. Fury's physical strength is above a normal human being.
    • Peak Human Durability Pat's body is more resistant to physical injury, to variable degrees, than that of an ordinary human. He seems capable of taking several gunshot & puncture wounds as well as beatings and still stand on his feet.
    • Peak Human Agility: Pat's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete.
    • Peak Human Healing: He is able to heal broken bones, torn muscles, several gunshots, knife wounds and other severe injuries within several days and most lesser injuries like cuts, scrapes and burns within hours.
    • Peak Human Stamina: Pat's body eliminates the excessive build-up of fatigue-producing poisons in his muscles and his musculature generates considerably less fatigue toxins than the muscles of an ordinary human being, granting him superhuman levels of stamina in all physical activities.
    • Peak Human Aging: Pat's extensively healthy cells allows him to age at much slower rate.


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