The past history of Shaman of Earth-9997 is presumably the same as his Earth-616 counterpart.

In recent history, Shaman was still an active member member of Alpha Flight. He was one of the super-heroes who was charged with keeping a piece of the Absorbing Man after the villain's rampage through Washington, D.C.

Later, he and Alpha Flight were charged with protecting the Human Torch (a device that burned Terrigen Mist out of the atmosphere) built in Canada. This ended in failure when Canada was invaded by an army of Wendigos (later revealed to be the Multiple Man), and Shaman was killed. His soul was transported to the Realm of the Dead, and he was seen as one of the souls that were allowed into Mar-Vell's Paradise. His current activities are unknown.

The piece of Creel that he was charged with protecting would ultimately end up in the hands of the Tong of Creel a group determined to reassemble the villain in the hopes that he would murder the entire planet.


Seemingly those of Michael Twoyoungmen of Earth-616. It is unknown if he was effected by the Terrigen Mists remains unrevealed.

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