Michael Templar was an atomic scientist living in the state of Maine who was active during the 1950s. He was a brilliant scientist but did not have the notoriety to be wealthy. He worked with an lab assistant named Maria, unaware that she secretly loved him. Templar was in love with a woman named Elsa who was only interested in money and rebuffed his professions of love to her, telling him that she would only marry him if he were rich. This broke Michael's heart causing him to temporarily lose his mind. In his state of mind he had Maria assist him in building a device that would pull the Earth toward the sun. Templar hoped to ransom the world for 10 million dollars to shut the machine off. However, he soon started snapping out of his manic phase Maria expressed her concern, Michael angrily sent her away then passed out, destroying his machine.

Waking up in his right mind, Michael soon found himself unable to remember how to recreate the device, let alone reverse the process that was now sending the Earth hurtling into the sun. Soon the love goddess Venus tracked down Michael to try and convince him to stop the destruction of Earth. Learning of the events that led up to his creation of the doomsday device, Venus then attempted to convince Elsa to come back to Michael and motivate him to create a device to reverse the Earth's course into the sun. Elsa was too busy partying and enjoying the "end of the world" to care for Michael. Venus returned empty handed and learned that Maria secretly loved Templar. However, despite this love, Michael still pinned over Elsa. Venus then summoned the spirits of Cleopatra, Helen of Troy and others to possessed Maria's body. The result caused Maria's inner beauty to radiate enough for Michael to fall madly in love with her.

The removed the mental block in Michael's mind and soon he and Maria built a device to reverse the Earth's path, saving the Earth. In the aftermath they found that Venus slipped away in the excitement. Venus subsequently published Michael's story in an issue of Beauty Magazine.[1] It is unknown if he faced legal repercussions for almost dooming the human race, and his subsequent fate is unknown.


Michael Templar was a brilliant atomic scientist.


Templar built a device that ran on atomic energy that could change the course of the Earth. It was able to send the Earth hurtling toward the sun, and later return the planet to its natural orbit.

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