Michael Rossi met Carol Danvers when she enlisted in the United States Air Force. The older Rossi became something of a mentor to Danvers, and also her lover. Later the two worked as a field partnership for Air Force Special Operations.

Later, Rossi was assigned to work under Stephen Lang on a government project to determine the origin of mutants, and what should be done about them. Lang secretly wished to wipe out mutants, but took money from the Council of the Chosen, who were secretly members of the mostly mutant Hellfire Club, who wanted to learn how to control other mutants and didn't suspect Lang's true motives. When Rossi discovered Lang's intentions, he threatened to inform the Council. As a result, Lang had a plane containing Rossi shot down[1].

Rossi was presumed dead in the plane crash, but had secretly been saved by two of the Hellfire Club's members, Emma Frost and Harry Leland. Frost read Rossi's mind and discovered that Lang and the Hellfire Club's own Edward Buckman intended to eliminate mutants, and along with Sebastian Shaw, overthrew Buckman and took over the club.

Rossi later helped thwart an attempt by Henry Gyrich and his Sentinels to capture the New Mutants, and stayed at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters for a time.

Afterward, Rossi infiltrated the SHIELD Helicarrier to find out more about the Hellfire Club and Shaw. He was found out, however by two SHIELD agents, Price and Garwood, and beaten by Garwood, who was a double agent for the Hellfire Club. Before being attacked, Rossi had left part of a message on Xavier's answering machine, which was heard by Rogue, who had permanently absorbed the memories, emotions, and powers of Carol Danvers. The Danvers personality took over Rogue's, and she flew to Rossi's rescue. Garwood killed Price to cover his tracks, and was about to kill Rossi when Danvers as Rogue broke into the Helicarrier and saved him. She flew him to her family's Cape Cod summer house to recuperate. He was confused on waking to hear Rogue addressing him as if she were Carol. When Rogue's own personality returned, she shamefully revealed to Rossi what she'd done to Carol, Rossi told her he wanted to kill her for what she'd done, and walked away.

During Dark Reign, he revealed to Carol that he was alive and enlisted her help to take down Ghazi Rashid and Project Ascension.


As a trained CIA agent, Rossi is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, and is skilled in using firearms. He is an experienced undercover agent, a trained pilot, and is fluent in Russian.

Strength level

Michael Rossi possessed the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engaged in intensive regular exercise.


Michael Rossi often used conventional firearms.

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