The original Psi-Hawk appeared to be a gestalt entity created by the collective minds of the Psi-Force in times of need, which was based on their memories of the late former CIA agent Emmett Proudhawk; however, Psi-Force always suspected that this was not the full truth as the Psi-Hawk appeared to be able to act against their wishes and to exert an influence on their minds which prevented them from splitting up, and Emmett's brother Eugene also recognized the Psi-Hawk as being somehow his brother.

Emmett's cousin Michael Proudhawk, also a CIA agent and who shared Emmett's gift for telepathically influencing the minds of others, was also able to generate a Psi-Hawk, identical to the original but in a red and brown rather than a red and blue costume. When his attempts to recruit Psi-Force to the CIA were met with resistance, he unleashed his Psi-Hawk on them.

Psi-Force summoned the original Psi-Hawk which battled and defeated Michael's manifestation, apparently destroying it and leaving Michael Proudhawk comatose. The original Psi-Hawk was eventually apparently destroyed by the Russian paranormal Rodstvow, but later returned.

Michael Proudhawk was presumably killed along with the rest of the planet when this reality was destroyed.


Flight, manipulation of energy which was apparently psionic in origin

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