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Mike Dorie, a mutant telekinetic, was the only inhabitant of Picayune, Kansas, not to fall under the sway of the Harvester, a malevolent extraterrestrial who claimed to have created animal life on Earth.[2]

Mikes plight drew the attention of Nate Grey, the X-Man, who, as shaman to mutantkind, took up the duty of stopping the Harvester. Eventually, Nate realized that the only way to defeat the Harvester would be to sacrifice himself, and he anointed Mike his successor as shaman before he merged with the Harvester, scattering their energies to every animal cell on the planet and rendering Earth useless to the Harvester's people.[2]

Mike then left Kansas, seeking to fulfill his mission in life.[2]

His post-M-Day status is unknown, and S.H.I.E.L.D. had no information on his current whereabouts.[1]


Mike is a powerful telekinetic, able to release and control destructive energies using his mind.

  • Telekinesis: he can manipulate the movement of things through mind.
  • Telepathic resistance: He is one of the few who can resist the mind control of the Harvester.

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