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Metro College

Metro College
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Metro College

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The college choice of many young Marvel characters including Jean Grey, Johnny Storm, Ted Roberts, Misty Knight, Cal Rankin, and Wyatt Wingfoot. Of these noted students, only Wingfoot is known to be a graduate.

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Asher (Earth-616)

Asher (Earth-616)

Dean Asher

Dean Asher welcomed Johnny Storm and Wyatt Wingfoot to the Metro College[1].

Bob (Metro College) (Earth-616)

Bob (Metro College) (Earth-616)


Bob and Chuck recognized Prof. August Hopper.[2]

Chuck (Metro College) (Earth-616)

Chuck (Metro College) (Earth-616)


Chuck and Bob recognized Prof. August Hopper.[2]

Jim Thorpe (Earth-616)

Jim Thorpe (Earth-616)

Jim Thorpe

Jim Thorpe was an athletics coach, who was training the Metro College football team[1].
He was team mate with Will Wingfoot, the greatest US olympic decathlon star; seeing potential in Will's son, he offered Wyatt Wingfoot in the college team, but he refused[3].
During a gridiron football match against the E.S.U., Coach Thorpe witnessed Crystal and Lockjaw appear on the field out of nowhere, looking for Johnny Storm[4].



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