Methodius is the head of the Sanctuary where Moreau hoped to hide Danny Ketch until the passing of the Winter Solstice and where Johnny Blaze hoped to rid himself of the spirit of Zarathos.

Whilst Blaze was able to cleanse himself of his curse, Methodius had a different intention than keeping Danny safe, instead planning to kill the boy to ensure his powers could never be used. His plan did not come to fruition though, as Ray Carrigan appeared, using his newly gained demonic power to kill Methodius and his monks before taking Danny.[1]


  • Multilingual: Methodius has shown the capacity to speak at least two languages, as well as recite religious texts in Latin.
  • Swordsmanship: Methodius showed at least passing skill with a sword, capable of breaking a clash with Carrigan using one despite being mostly robbed of light.
  • Pressure Points: Methodius and his monks seems to specialize in a form of combat centered around exploiting pressure points in the body, this unfortunately proving useless against Carrigan's decaying power.


  • Sword: A large, curved blade, Methodius intended to use it to kill Danny Ketch, but it was ultimately rusted into nothing by Carrigan.
  • Methodius is played by Christopher Lambert, famous for his portrayal of Conner MacLeod in the Highlander series of films.
  • The monks of the Sanctuary are known for being uptight by Moreau, but also for being expert wine makers.

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