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September 17, 2008
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  • Please, when you create a new page, be sure to add at least something in the most important part of it, the history text.

    The articles created in this wiki are meant to be seen by people that want to inform themselves about the article's subject, and a page without the most relevant information is the worst thing they can come across.

    Thank you!

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  • Hi!!

    I noticed your creation of many Secret Wars zombies pages.

    Here a few things:

    • Characteristics, birthplace, occupation, aliases, etc. Such information are often provided for 616 version, and aren't to be assumed to be the same from a reality to another (infinite realities means infinite possibilities, including the possibility of being a little fatter or lighter, among others)
      • That is especially true for Azazel (Earth-BWDL): You left references that weren't from this reality but from comics in Earth-616.
    • Creating the page is good, but in most cases, they will likely remain empty. But it's the history that makes the page useful. I invite you to fill the history text (don't forget the references) (in other words, copy-pasting the Earth-616 version, removing everything in most of the fields and changing the picture and making a few adjustment like on the reality isn't enough).

    I count on you to fill those pages. It would be a loss that those pages, like thousands of the wikia, would be left empty.

    If you need help on some matter, don't hesitate to ask.

    Have a good day !

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