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  • is he retconed to being the One Above All?

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  • Hey Nurdboy42, I saw you reverted Devilking109's edit on the 616 Daredevil page. You might as well block him, he's on the Marvel Fanon wiki doing the same things, and has even created multiple accounts to continue doing such edits after being blocked (Devilking109 is his second account that I know of). Just thought you should be aware.

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  • well can you pleeese make a page for all of the house of agon in age of apocalypse

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  • i will take a second look and try to source whatever i can

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  • Hi Nurdboy42. Do you know how Crossbones has enhanced mass muscles?

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  • My understanding is that Classic X-Men run isn't just a reprint. Pages were added that were not there previously, so there are more appearances. I.e. The hellfire club did not appear in the original X-Men #99 comic.

    So how does this fit with the "don't repeat appearances" policy? I think it breaks it entirely.

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    • For reference, here's a copy of the welcome message that doesn't seem to be working at the moment, but does provide some helpful links in terms of getting started...

      AnnabellRice wrote: Hi, I'm an admin for the Marvel Database community. Welcome and thank you for your edit!

      If you need help getting started, check out our help pages or contact me or another admin here. For general help, you could also stop by Community Central to explore the forums and blogs.

      Enjoy your time at Marvel Database!

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    • The real struggle is that there isn't an editing guide link in the navigation bar.

      (Note: isn't linked from your welcome message)

      AnnabellRice wrote: (As for the Last tag, if I said "Never." would you hold it against me? :P )

      That is the entire problem, isn't it? For every single entry here there's a policy that's not easily found. It's technical documentation only, and it has its place, but it doesn't explain what to and not to do. Same problem with the other main component: Marvel_Database:Comic_Template

      I think I might just need to come up with a better intro page where things that need to be known are divided into what the user might be doing.




      • (guide on how to use this templates) (And the guide would explain how to enter data in the exact order of that template uses)
        • Page title -> Link to Naming policy
        • Image -> guide on choosing images, or adding new ones
        • RealName -> Link to Naming policy, explain the difference between this and page title
        • CurrentAlias -> Explain that putting anything except plain text here breaks the template because it cannot auto-add the "Killed by _" category link
        • Last -> Perhaps it is recommend never using it except for concluded TV shows?
        • Death -> Explain this is the latest appearance of death only. If the character is alive again, this should be blank. Also ask the editor to add the matching "Killed by _" category. Warn the editor that someone will revert this change if there isn't corroborating text in the HistoryText area.
        • Origin -> Detailed explanation of the difference between mutant and mutate, how long this should be at maximum.
        • Powers/Abilities/… -> What is a power. What is an ability.
          • Some power names are already well-established and have templates.
            • Almost every power has a corresponding category you should be assigning.
          • References are encouraged.
            • No, handbooks are not always correct.
          • Some abilities have patterns already established. No templates though, sorry!
            • If you write about intelligence, make sure the title matches the character grid value. Gifted, Genius, Super-Genius, etc.
            • Indomitable Will is a popular one. Link to the glossary entry.
            • Speaks lots of languages? There's a link to the glossary for that too.
            • Skills not covered in the power grid? Don't dive into the category list, you'll never find anything. Try to find a character that might already have that skill and look at the attached categories.
          • Strength comes from a handbook verbatim. Anything else, anywhere in the template, longer than two words is Plagiarism. Also, if the character has average or less-than-average strength, you may as well leave this blank, because Fighting Skills are much more important than "average strength character engages in high-intensity exercise" and "average strength character engages in moderate-intensity exercise".
          • Power Grid is automatically done via bot from the latest handbook. No, you may not question the values. You may question everything except the power grid.
          • How to write about former powers.
            • Don't even think about putting a custom power grid in the former powers section.


      • (guide on how to use this templates)
        • Tell them to leave creating these (pages) to content moderators or administrators
          • TheManyAngledOne is going to overwrite anything you add anyway, and do a better job.
          • But there are still old comics that may be out of date due to policy changes.
        • Appearances -> Explain, in a single page, when to use each of the appearance templates. And, when not to use an appearance template. Especially the obscure ones, e.g. "Referenced" is a Mention and means the narrator used the name, or character said the name to themselves, and nobody overheard them. Different from "Named" where the name only appears on or from a non-sapient source, like written or electronic text. (This would go on for a while)
        • Synopsis -> There's probably a policy here? Maybe some guides?
        • Quotation/BlockQuote -> How to write a quotation. Why some characters have an image pop up automatically for a conversation-type quotation and others do not.
        • The difference between Notes and Trivia.


      • (guide on how to use these templates)
        • Immediately thank the editor because almost nobody actually reads these pages, much less edits them.

      Motion Picture (Movie, TV episode)

      • (guide on how to use these templates)


      • (link to guide on uploading/managing images)


      Okay, I started to have a bit of fun there, but yes; I think you have many more policies than you realise.

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  • Last year, you added the main cover of this issue to the Homage Cover Category. What is it paying homage to?

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  • May I ask why did you revert my edit? It was just a notice that I've made, that humans can achieve a brain state similar to mutants, even without the X gene. And, if that is untrue, could you please explain me which is the source of Moondragon's powers?

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  • Hello.

    I appreciate that you reverted the vandalism of my user page.

    However, this is an absolutely fanatic troll who is completely obsessed with me, so it is probably best if you permanently admin-lock the page from editing, as he will just return later otherwise.

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    • Your profile is now infinitely locked. If you need to make changes just ask one of the admins or mods to unlock it for you.

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    • Okay. Thank you for the help.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I was working on fixing the citation when you reverted me edit. Please let me know if there was an issue with the quote I picked, because I'm not sure why a reversion rather than a correction was issued.

    Quotation = Dyin's easy. You're gonna learn about pain. You're gonna learn about loss. Every morning, I look for 'em Bill. I look for 'em...but then I remember. It's gonna be the same for you. When you look at your ugly, mangled face, you're gonna remember what you did. You'll remember Bill. You're gonna remember me!

    | Speaker = Frank Castle to Billy Russo

    | QuoteSource = Marvel's The Punisher Season 1 13

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