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The Mephitisoids are mephitisoid (i.e., skunk-like) humanoids with several adaptations including night vision, retractable claws, a semi-prehensile tail and thick fur.

Their senses and perceptions are acute, allowing them to use pheromones for communications.


On Earth-295, Mephitisoids have proved to be able to breed with Shi'ar, creating hybrids that would be dubbed the Jath'Che, defenders of the Shi'ar royal family. They were later exiled to Ch'Reesharaa to live as farmers under D'Ken Neramani's rule.[3]

Alternate Realities


The Mephitisoids are nominated by Doom when exposing to the public the true face of Avatarr declaring that he don't belonged to the Mephitisoid race[4].

Powers and Abilities


Night vision, retractable claws, acute olfactory senses, pheromone odors used to communicate and suggest actions.


Habitat: Temperate, with cities located underground.
Gravity: 110% Earth standard
Atmosphere: 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen
Population: 350 Million


Type of Government: Small independent colonies
Level of Technology: Interstellar travel
Cultural Traits: Warrior-like, territorial
Representatives: * Hepzibah (pronounceable name; real name is an unpronounceable combination of pheromone odors)

List of known Mephitisoids



It is largely believed that Hepzibah was conceived as an homage to the cartoon skunk Miz Mam'selle Hepzibah from the comic strip Pogo by Walt Kelly. The Mephitisoids were originally intended to be humanoid skunks as the common skunk belongs to the genus Mephitis. This is visually evident in the earlier appearances of Hepzibah, where she is drawn with black and white fur. For some reason, likely simple aesthetics and sex appeal, the skunk aspect became more and more feline over the years.

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