The past history of Mephisto on Earth-808 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart until the time Victor von Doom attended State University. In this reality, Doom, with the aid of his classmate Reed Richards would succeed in operating Doom's device to contact the afterlife. Learning that the soul of his mother Cynthia was a prisoner of Mephisto, Doom would refocus his life on the mystic arts and eventually succeed in freeing her.

Learning of this, Mephisto would become furious and seek to get revenge against von Doom for stealing one of his slaves. Mephisto would wait until Doom would liberate the people of Latveria and wed his childhood love Valeria. Mephisto would then capture the entire kingdom of Latveria, and when Doom would attempt to fight Mephisto to regain it find himself woefully overpowered.

Mephisto would offer to return Doom's homeland in exchange for a soul to replace his mothers and offer him two choices: Doom's own soul, or that of his lover Valeria. Playing on Doom's pride and sense of grandeur, Mephisto would convince him in giving over the soul of Valeria.

Mephisto now allows Doom to cast a spell once a year to try and free his love's soul, however during Doom's last recorded appearance he has yet to best Mephisto and win back Valeria's soul.

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