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Mengo Brothers
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Grigori Mengochauzchras, Stanislaus Mengochauzchras
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The Mengo Brothers were the Latverian sons of Dr Mengochauschras, a scientist researching subspace for Doctor Doom. After the facility went missing, the brothers began working as bounty hunters.

Somehow, they became affiliated with a superhuman crimelord and slaver known as The Pig. Under his employ, they found themselves facing the mutant thief known as Gambit. They clashed with him on numerous occasions. However, after The Pig's death, they also helped him break into Castle Doom, when Gambit needed to use Doom's time machine.

As a result of this, they encountered their father, who it turned out had been driven mad and had control of a device which potentially threatened reality. They stranded him in an environment he could not control.

Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.

  • Physically, the brothers resemble the writing duo the Wachowski Brothers. This is presumbaly the doing of Steve Skroce, who did storyboarding for the Matrix films and is a friend of the brothers.
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