One of the few scientists working at Oscorp that is believed to have a tangible, personal relationship with Norman Osborn himself, Mendel Stromm is often believed to be a spy for the head of the company. While his "on-paper" designation is of a Chemist, Stromm has frequently found himself getting his hands of projects that expand far beyond his area of expertise- a fact that has only caused further speculations among his colleagues. Despite the ever-popular rumors of his ulterior motives, Mendel has proven himself among his fellow scientists to be a likable and easy to talk to individual, and he is often in charge of the training and care of new recruits to the labs, such as Gwen Stacy.

Shortly before the Cross-Species Virus epidemic in Manhattan, Stromm began to take an acute interest in the work of Alistaire Smythe, finding his robotics and nanite technology to be incredible. He also worked on the continuation of Doctor Curt Connors), aiding the team in charge of creating a piranha cross-species which he would coin the nickname Nattie for. Shortly after Smythe ordered the liquidation of all Connors work and the Cross-Species specimens, the creatures broke out of their Oscorp labs and began to infest the scientists there, including Smythe, Stacy and Stromm. Stromm would join the others in Quarantine while he waited for either Spider-Man to develop a cure or for Smythe to create a weapon to wipe out all the infected cells in the Cross-Species infected. Stromm would be one of the first to succumb to the virus, and gave in to his growing animal urges, causing Smythe's Combat Sentries to attack him. His ultimate fate is unknown, but it is likely that the robots killed Mendel Stromm to prevent the infection from continuing.

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