Memphis was a mutant who survived the Great Purge in the early-mid 21st century. In the 2090's, his environmental immunity allowed him to travel to and from Hellrock without suffering damage from the toxins and radioactivity in the environment. He found a pit-fighter named Ryu Kobolt, dying of a terminal illness and prepared to kill himself in the ring with Mutroid fighters rather than suffer under his disease. Memphis got Ryu out of Hellrock and convinced him to keep fighting to live.

Over the next several years, with Memphis at his side, Ryu Kobolt became the Architect of an Indie commune in the desert known as the Oasis.[1]


  • Electrokinesis: Memphis can fire lightning bolt of electricity from his hands.
  • Environmental Immunity: Memphis can survive in a variety of harsh climates and situations. He can withstand various forms of radioactivity, including the Mutroid radiation of Hellrock. He is also immune to different kinds of toxins and viral agents.

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