Melvin Scarbo aka Minister Blood and his sister Susan Scarbo aka Mother Night are stage performers, whose act went by the name Hypnotists Supreme. They made a small time living with act, they both wished for more so decided to use the skill and training to start a life of crime and form a small army.

The siblings started in New York City taking control of crime bosses and casino owners. Having the experience of this being so easy, they attempted to take over the international espionage agency S.H.I.E.L.D., but her plans were thwarted by Captain America[1].

Soon after, Melvin Scarbo resurfaced as an operative of the Red Skull and a member of his henchmen the Skeleton Crew. When they thought their employer was being held captive in the Hellfire Club, she and the others clashed with both the Hellfire Club's Black Queen Selene, as well as Captain America and his ally Diamondback. Mother Night used her mesmeric powers to allow the Crew to escape.

When Crossbones left the Skeleton Crew on a private mission, the Mother Night hired Taskmaster to train Cutthroat to be his replacement in hopes of winning the affection of the Red Skull. Instead Mother Night would fall in love with Cutthroat, only to watch him die at the hands of Crossbones.

Mother Night took part in a plot by the Red Skull to reactivate a Cosmic Cube by using death and destruction as energy. Mother Night became field leader of a cell in London set to detonate a fire-bomb. Before she could do so, she was killed by the Winter Soldier.




As a hypnotist Melvin could control the mind and actions of others, he was a sufficient hand-to -hand combatant.


Melvin carried hand guns and brass knuckles

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