Little is detailed about Songbird's life before the zombie plague arrived on Earth-2149, however it can be presumed it followed much the same path as Songbird of Earth-616.

A zombified Songbird is seen alongside the Thunderbolts attacking Thor and later Nova. She is quickly destroyed by the Invisible Woman when she tries to bite Nova.[1]


  • Sound Manipulation:After burning out her original vocal cord abilities, Gold was given a set of vocal cord implants and an external harness that allowed her to produce a number of effects. She can generate powerful sonic blasts, sonic force fields and can even create solid objects created from sound including battering rams, pincers and platforms. Gold can also generate high pitched sonic vibrations that are subtle enough to avoid her being consciously detected by others and, thereby, allowing her to influence the actions of others.
    • Flight: By creating solid sound wings, Gold can propel herself through the air at great speeds.


  • Gold has extensive training in hand to hand combat, particularly wrestling. Although she burned out her original vocal cord powers, Gold still has her superhuman physical attributes, which makes her a much more effective hand to hand combatant.

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