Melissa Carsdale was one of the stars of the sitcom "Everybody's Happy." Melissa and her co-star Leonard Groote became fast friends; they agreed to share screen time, and had plans for the future. This all changed when Leonard left the show. "Everybody's Happy" was forgotten, and Melissa faded into obscurity. Melissa adopted the persona of Misery, and was determined to torment Leonard and crush his spirit. She spent a fortune to acquire the Grief Machine.

Misery arrived on Leonard Groote's new movie set, throwing acid at him. Spider-Girl was in the crowd, and she leapt to Leonard's rescue. Misery ran off, but when confronted by Spider-Girl, she unleashed a barrage of knockout globes. She brought the unconscious Spider-Girl to her lair and placed the heroine into the Grief Machine, the fate she intended for Leonard. Spider-Girl eventually broke out, and Misery fled, not really keen on fighting. Spider-Girl caught up to her and downed Misery with one punch.[1]


Misery was originally unskilled at combat, but later learned martial arts from inmates at the Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane.


Misery was armed with globes filled with acid and knockout gas. She used smoke grenades to hide her entrances and exits, and wore gloves that had an electric current running through them.

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