Megan is the daughter of Deborah Kinney and the niece of Sarah Kinney. After Sarah's death, X-23 settled in Debbie's house with her, Debbie, and Debbie's boyfriend, Desmond Alexander. Desmond, who was actually a Facility agent, attempted to use the trigger scent chemical to make Laura kill her aunt and cousin. However, he accidentally spilled it on himself, and was killed by X-23 soon after. Megan managed to rinse the trigger scent off of herself and Debbie, thus sparing their lives. Afterwards, Kimura and multiple Facility agents appeared in Debbie's house, and tried to kill them. X-23 battled with Kimura, and after X won, she helped Debbie and Megan escape with new identities. Megan's new name being Elizabeth Victoria.

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