Medusa was a member of the "Four who are Frightful", and the Wizard's lover. She was described as "inhuman", but her origins are unknown.[citation needed]

When the Wizard and Otto von Doom struggled to control Numenor's trident, Wizard accidentally teared Medusa's veil and looked into her eyes, which turned him to stone. Medusa screamed in horror over the Wizard's petrified form.[citation needed]

Her final fate was unknown, although she presumably perished when Bensaylum was destroyed.[citation needed]


By looking into the eyes of another creature, Medusa can turn it to stone. She may also have some control over the snakes that she has instead of hair.[citation needed]


She appears to be a native French speaker.[citation needed]


She needs to wear a veil to prevent her gaze from turning men to stone.[citation needed]


A veil.[citation needed]

  • It is unknown if she is an inhuman or one of the Witch Breed.

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