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Aunt May bitten by the Radioactive Spider

Due to her nephew Peter having forgotten his lunch at home, May Parker rushed to a science demonstration to give it to him. There she was bitten by a Radioactive Spider which gave her spider-like powers.

Using a costume to hide her real identity, May set out to earn money for the family doing stunts. However, when the villain Leap-Frog made an appearance, the Spider-Ma'am defeated him and became a crime fighter.[1]


During the Great Hunt, Karn came to Earth-3123 to kill the spider-totem of this reality. May surrendered herself willingly, if only to keep her husband and nephew from harm. However, Karn was stopped by the Spider-Totems from other realities.[2]

Spider-Men (Earth-TRN461) 076

Among the Spider-Men

Sinister Six

Later on, May was transported to Earth-TRN461. Recruited into the Spider-Men, May fought to defeat a multiversal Sinister Six.[3]


Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-616.


"Special dough"

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