Max Morales-Stacy was the son of Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy. Together with his parents and sister, Charlotte, Max was a member of the Amazing Eight under the alias of Spider-Boy.

Maximilian Morales-Stacy (Earth-8) from Spider-Gwen Vol 2 18 001

While their parents were away for their second honeymoon, the HQ of the Amaing Eight was visited by a displaced younger version of their mother from Earth-65, who had been accidentally teleported to Earth-8. After meeting her potential offspring and their adult in charge, Spider-Ham, Gwen was offered access to a portal back to her universe.

The Amazing Eight, minus Miles and Gwen, joined her after Spider-Ham was convinced by Charlotte to help Gwen out in defeating the forces of S.I.L.K.. While on Earth-65, Spider-Boy and Spider-Girl confronted and helped defeat this universe's Scorpion, who was an evil counterpart of their grandfather.[1]


Max possesses powers and abilities similar to his parents, including wall-crawling and superhuman speed, agility, and equilibrium.[2]


Unlike his sister, Max does not possess spider-sense.[2]


Max possesses Peter Parker's original Web-Shooters and a personalized version of his father's suit.[2]



  • Max is four years younger than his sister.[2]

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