Maxie Muggs was a big time criminal who the law could not touch. One day in the spring of 1943 he happened to meet young Celia Fisher. She told him of her father, Doctor Weldon Fisher, who was experimenting in guinea pigs to try and learn how to cheat death. Muggs was interested in the idea and after learning that tests on the guinea pigs worked he blackmailed the Fishers into working for him and stepped up to human testing. The test subjects were all members of Muggs gang, some early subjects were killed or maimed. Among them was Limpy Marcus.

Eventually, Dr. Fisher perfected his invention to work on humans and Maxie underwent the procedure. Unaware of this, Limpy Marcus tipped the police off that Muggs was going to be hanging out at the Grove Tavern. When the police arrived to arrest him, he was shot and pretended to be dead while fleeing the authorities. When he was left alone in the morgue, Muggs got up and left, strangling the night janitor when he was discovered. Knowing that Limpy had ratted him out Maxie then sent his men to eliminate him. But at this point Limpy had sought protection from the Angel who stopped the gun man sent to kill Marcus. The gun man committed suicide, but the Angel found Doctor Fisher's business card and paid him a visit.

After Dr. Fisher explained everything to the Angel, Maxie Muggs and his gang arrived and took them all hostage. He then had the Angel strapped into the device to electrocute him. However, Limpy Marcus arrived with a machine gun and mowed down all of Muggs's men. He then began shooting Muggs, who fled in pain. In his panic he tripped and landed on one of the dynamos that powered the Doctor's machine. The resulting electrical surge undid the effects of the immortality process and Muggs was electrocuted to death. Following Muggs's death, Doctor Fisher decided to destroy his creation finding it too dangerous for mankind to possess.


For a brief time Maxie Muggs was immortal, nothing could kill him thanks to the process created by Doctor Fisher. Unfortunately, Muggs could still feel pain. A subsequent jolt from Fisher's machine reversed the process making Muggs mortal once more.

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