Max Lohmer was a young, thuggish Neo-Nazi when he was approached by Aleksander Lukin (under the influence of the Red Skull). The Skull apparently enhanced Max Lohmer's body to where he had augmented strength and powers similar or identical to his great-uncle, the original Master Man.

Max Lohmer led the criminal Neo-Nazi group Master Race but were opposed and eventually defeated by Captain America, Sharon Carter, Union Jack, Spitfire, and the Winter Soldier.

Max Lohmer allied himself with other super-powered Nazis, Uber Commandos, and came into conflict with the Invaders.[1] Interestingly enough, Max appears to have a fascination with his Great-Uncle's widow Warrior Woman, who has maintained her youthful appearance. This dalliance aside, Max has more recently sworn his undying loyalty and affection to the new Red Skull: Sin.[2]

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