Max Eisenhardt was forced to wear a home-made degaussing kit to suppress the magnetic fields his body generated. The kit was damaged near an airport when he was pushed away by a government agent. The agent was killed by the severe electromagnetic energies released, and Eisenhardt was killed when a nearby plane was pulled towards him by his own energies.

Eisenhardt was described as a hippie, leading a group of demonstrators who called for an end to President Xavier's tyrannical regime.


  • Magnetokinesis, though his powers were uncontrollable and only caused death and destruction.

  • He was never named, but Wanda Maximoff went by the name Wanda Maximoff-Lehnsherr, so presumably this reality's Max Eisenhardt used the Erik Lehnsherr alias at some point.
  • He is seen on the cover for Ruins Vol 1 2 in his classic costume from the mainstream continuity.

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