After Phoenix was stripped of her powers on the moon, Magneto learned of the situation and resolved to change it. He hoped to restore Jean Grey's powers and use her for his plans of mutant supremacy. Magneto kidnapped Jean from her home and brought her to Asteroid M, where he offered her the machine that would return the Phoenix power to her. Instead, Jean chose to reject god-hood, for fear of becoming as much of a monster as Magneto himself.

When the Sentinels rose to power in America, Charles Xavier was killed in a siege on the X-Mansion. Putting aside their differences, Magneto offered his services to the X-Men. They planned to infiltrate the Baxter Building in New York and destroy the Master Mold unit inside. Magneto's magnetic fields were detected by the Sentinels, and he was crippled by an energy blast. Although he survived the final battle, Magnus was now in a wheelchair much like Xavier once was.

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