Magneto is trying to recruit powerful mutants to prevent humans from controlling mutants.

Magneto assaults Simon Trask, an pro-mutant-registration spokesman, by constricted him with a metal girder, at the same time Iron Man arrives on the scene. Effortlessly, Magneto disposes of the armored superhero.

The next night, Magneto relentlessly hunted down Jean Grey, who was searching for a school for mutants under the alias of "Annie Claremont" and captures her. Taking her to his lair, he showed her Senator Robert Kelly's broadcast, advocating mutant registration. He threatened Jean's family if she did not use her powers to make Kelly die of a heart attack, so as not to make him a martyr. However, Jean relented at the last second, so Magneto threatened to kill her. Suddenly, he is attacked by Iron Man and War Machine. During the battle, Magneto attempted to crush Iron Man with his powers but War Machine managed to take off his helmet, leaving him vulnerable to Jean's psychic attack, rendering him unconscious to be transported to a plastic prison.


  • Magnokinesis (control of magnetism)


  • Helmet that prevent mental attacks against his mind.
  • Armor that provides protection from impacts and gives him the ability to levitate himself.



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