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When the Sentinels took over the USA, mutants were in concentration camps. In the chaos, Magneto was looking for his daughter, Wanda. With the help of Wolverine and Jubilee, he found her as a prisoner of the Hellfire Club, where she was strapped into a machine that used her power to create disasters. The heroes fought the Hellfire Club and Wanda was eventually freed, but died in her father’s arms. A cave-in during the battle had shattered Magneto’s legs.[2]

Before long, he was captured by the Sentinels and sent to one of the concentration camps. There, he joined forces with the imprisoned X-Men, and he helped them devise a plan to alter the timeline. Confined to a wheelchair, Magneto chose to remain behind when the X-Men fled, covering their escape with his life.[1]


Presumably same as Max Eisenhardt (Earth-616)#Powers

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