A Skrull posing as Daredevil and Echo attempted to infiltrate the Sanctum Sanctorum. When Echo met with Daredevil, and told him that she just wanted to see him and wanted to know why he sent Captain America for her. Daredevil acted confused as to what Echo was talking about. Echo then asked Daredevil who he was really. The Skrulls were unaware of Matt Murdock's current activity.

Suddenly, Daredevil turned into a duplicate of Echo and then attacked her. The Skrull-Echo displayed all the powers of the X-Men and told Echo to surrender so that it could take her place on the Secret Avengers. Suddenly, Wolverine appeared on the scene and attacked the Skrull.

Wolverine and Echo had a pretty nasty brawl with the Skrull and finally were able to hurt it bad enough where it decided to retreat and live to fight another day. After the Skrull ran away, Wolverine told Echo that he figured she was the most likely person that the Skrulls would try to replace in order to infiltrate the Secret Avengers because Echo had the least amount of ties and the least history.

Matthew Murdock (Skrull) (Earth-616)

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