Matt Slade III was piloting a prototype of the experimental XF5U-2 Flapjack plane, and crashed somewhere in Poland when a washer blew. There he was captured by Nazi soldiers and held by General Skul during World War II in Murder Mountain. He came under the sway of Skul's daughter, Gretchyn Skul. When the Sky-Wolves came to his rescue, he turned a gun on them, thinking they were Nazis attempting to trick him. They were able to convince him that they were there on the request of his father to rescue him and they all escaped back to the Lobo II. The next day Slade joined the Sky-Wolves and returned to Murder Mountain, blowing it up. After this mission Slade, along with the rest of the Sky-Wolves, decided to remain together to fight against the Nazi threat.[1]




Matt Slade III was a test pilot for his father's corporation and was specially trained in the piloting of the Flapjack. He was also a capable hand-to-hand combatant and trained in the use of firearms.


Slade III dressed like a cowboy in honor of his grandfather, Matt Slade, the great undercover government marshal of the old west.


Lobo II


XF5U-2 Flapjack plane, pistol

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