Quote1 While the Avengers protect the world from physical dangers, we sorcerers safeguard it against threats of a more mystical nature. Quote2
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Masters of the Mystic Arts

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The Masters of the Mystic Arts originated in the time of Agamotto, and through the centuries developed as an order dedicated to protecting the world from mystical threats. In modern times the order came to be led by a Celtic woman known only to her followers as the Ancient One, and concentrated their power base at four sites: the Ancient One's own sanctuary of Kamar-Taj, and three "Sanctums" located in places where major cities eventually grew.

In modern times, Master Kaecilius led a splinter group away from the Masters of the Mystic Arts, and made a pact with Dormammu that would see an end to the ancient order. He was successful in destroying the London Sanctum, and promptly killed the New York Sanctum's master, Daniel Drumm, but was blocked from destroying the site itself. The Ancient One herself was also killed shortly thereafter. The Hong Kong Sanctum was the next to fall, effectively breaking the mystical ward that protected the Earth and allowing Dormammu to claim his prize, but that victory became a defeat when Stephen Strange used the Eye of Agamotto to force Dormammu to withdraw and take Kaecilius's splinter group with him. Strange's short-term reversal of time also meant that the Hong Kong Sanctum was restored, along with those who had died defending it. The surviving masters then set about restoring what was left of their strongholds.[1]


Equipment: *Books of arcane lore

Transportation: *Fixed point dimensional portals

  • Temporary dimensional portals

Weapons: *Various relics

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