The so-called Master of Death was a member of the Nazis who was active during World War II. By the fall of 1944 he was charged with destroying a passenger ship containing repatriated Americans returning to the United States from Europe for the sole purpose of eliminating Professor Ensen -- a brilliant scientist who would be an asset to the American war effort. To this end he modified a Nazi submarine with a light beam that compelled electric eels to attack whatever the light was trained on.

Relocating to the coast of Florida, the Master of Death had his minions test their device on beach goers -- slaying all those in the water -- and later on an American tanker, which exploded. Both incidents attracted the attention of the Sub-Mariner who went to investigate. Catching a bathysphere containing some of the Master's men, Namor slew them but not before learning the Master's plans.

Going to the aid of the American passenger ship, Namor boarded the Nazi submarine and clashed with the sailors aboard. The Master of Death had Namor pinned under a steel girder, shackled to it and then dumped into the ocean. This proved to be the Master's undoing as the water revitalized Namor who renewed his attack. When the Master trained the light on Namor and unleashed his army of electric eels, Namor managed to outswim the creatures. Removing the light beam from the sub, Namor then trained it on the Nazi vessel. The eels attacked the sub causing it to explode killing the Master of Death and his entire crew.


The Master of Death piloted a specially modified U-boat. It was fitted with a light beam that compelled electric eels to attack whatever it was trained on.

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