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During the Big Bang, Master Order was reborn along with Lord Chaos, Death, Eternity, and other cosmic entities. Along with Lord Chaos, he created the In-Betweener. He, along with all of the alternate reality versions of himself and all other abstract entities, were killed by the Beyonders on their quest to annihilate the Multiverse.[1] When the Multiverse was recreated,[2] the cosmic entities returned to life, including Master Order.

Master Order and his brother Lord Chaos became disgruntled by Galactus' evolution from a force of destruction to a force of creation, arguing he threatened the cosmic balance.[3] They eventually put Galactus on trial before the Living Tribunal. The Tribunal ruled in Galactus' favor and allowed him to remain in his new form, claiming that the universe being in a new iteration meant the cosmic hierarchy wasn't established anew. Master Order and Lord Chaos took this council to heart, and murdered the Tribunal in order to take his place as the personification of multiversal law.[4]

They attempted to turn Galactus back to his world-devourer form. However, for the same reason Order and Chaos could kill the Living Tribunal, they couldn't stop Galactus from fighting back his transformation. If there wasn't a heriarchy yet, it meant Galactus was also on the same level as Order and Chaos, so they couldn't impose their will on him. Because of this, Order and Chaos traveled to their servant, the In-Betweener, and forced him to become the uniting force in a fusion that combined Master Order and Lord Chaos into a single being, the self-proclaimed new order, Logos.[5]


Thanos, while wearing the Infinity Gauntlet, rated him as well above Galactus, so it is likely that he possesses immense Cosmic powers, the upper limits of which are unknown.

  • As the personification of uniformity, orderliness, and immutability, Master Order bears no personality beyond the constructs of the abstract concept he represents.
  • Master Order cannot exist without Lord Chaos and vice versa.

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