The Masquerader had been hired by Fats Larson to drive out men whose property he was trying to buy up. Because no one had ever seen his true face, he was able to infiltrate the territory with reckless abandon, and disguised himself as an Austrian Count, a Chinaman, Indian, Mexican, city slicker, farmer and cowboy. After a gunfight between him and the Rawhide Kid left his employer, Larson, dead, the Masquerader fled to Willow Flats. On his way to the town he spied Kid Colt cleaning himself in a river and took the opportunity to steal the outlaw's clothes to use as another disguise. When he got to Willow Flats he dressed up as Colt, robbed the payroll express and shot the town's sheriff, Joseph Clay, the Rawhide Kid's brother.

The Rawhide Kid and the real Kid Colt were both almost ambushed by the Masquerader as they split up to search for him but were able to eventually track him down and, in a fight outside of Gila Springs, the Masquerader fell off a cliff to his supposed death. Though the Rawhide Kid seen him land in the river, no body had ever been recovered. Whether the Masquerader is truly dead remains a mystery.




The Masquerader was a master of disguise. As no one had ever seen his true face he was able to easily disguise himself so no one would guess that he was a gunfighter. He was even able to disguise himself as people of different ethnicities, such as a Chinaman and Mexican. The Masquerader was also a decent gunslinger and horseman.


The Masquerader always carried a large kit of supplies to disguise himself with. The items used include wigs, fake mustaches, beards and eyebrows, false teeth, lifts for his shoes, putty and makeup to change the look of his face, glasses, and many changes of clothes to suit his needs.




Pistols, he also sometimes kept a Derringer in his hat.

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