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Masked Trio of Death
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Three apes (all deceased)
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Masked Trio of Death (Earth-616) 002

Apes unmasked

In the 1940s a criminal named Lupo trained three apes to be part of a gang that was dubbed the Masked Trio of Death. Disguising his apes in masks and clothing, he made them wear bullet proof vests to further confuse the authorities. Their operation was run within a florist shop. By the spring of 1945, the Trio and Lupo had committed a string of crimes that led to 11 murders, attracting the attention of Captain America and Bucky.
Masked Trio of Death (Earth-616) Lupo


When the Trio attacked a local jewelry shop, Cap, Buck and the police arrived on the scene. They were easily trounced by the disguised apes whom Lupo ordered to take Bucky hostage. Lupo then forced Bucky to write a goodbye letter to Captain America to torment the hero. However, Bucky used the note to send a coded message to Cap that helped him deduce the location of Lupo's hideout. When Captain America arrived at the florist shop, Cap easily saw through Lupo's disguise. Lupo then ordered his apes to kill Bucky. When Captain America burst into the room where the apes were attacking Bucky. During the fight Bucky grabbed Lupo's machine gun and gunned down the apes. Lupo was then turned over to the authorities.


Equipment: Each of Lupo's apes, when in disguise, wore bullet proof vests.
Weapons: Lupo was armed with a machine gun.


Other trained criminal gorillas:Tatu & another ape[[1]]. Other Gorillas:Man-oo[[2]],Chaka[[3]],Bardak[[4]],Colosso[[5]],Grosso(Terry Vance story)[[6]] and Monstro[Journey into Mystery#92(5/63)].

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