Marysal was a dragon residing peacefully in the wildlands. One day she met prince Domenic that following the traditions of his people was sent by his parents in the wildlands to kill a dragon as a ritual for passage for young royals, and not only he renounced to kill her, but the two also fell in love with each other.

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Marysal as a Dragon

Domenic's mother then enraged and convinced that his son must have been put under a spell by Marysal hired the mercenary Venger to kill the dragon. Meanwhile Marysal helped by the Exiles is left by Domenic with Morph so that he can go with Sage and Cat to talk to his parents and settle things before they goes worse. While Domenic is confronting his parents Marysal and Morph talk with each other becoming friends until Venger take them by surprise and attacked them. After seeing Marysal injured and Morph fighting Venger Domenic rush to help her, and seeing both their son and Marysal together the king and the queen understand their love and after Venger is defeated by the Exiles and Marysal transform herself into a human to stay with Domenic, moved they give their blessing to the couple.


Fire Breathing: As a dragon Marysal can breath fire from her mouth.

Flight: As a dragon Marysal can use her large wings to propel her through the air at great speeds for extended periods of time.

Shape-shifting: Marysal possesses the ability to alter her physical appearance in the service of her true love making herself look like a human being. But once the transformation is made it cannot be undone.

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