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Marya Maximoff was a Romany traveler who lived near Novi Pazar, Serbia, close to the border with Transia.[1] After she and her husband Django lost their children, Ana and Mateo, the High Evolutionary came down from Wundagore Mountain and gave them the twins Pietro and Wanda in their place.[2]

Facing hard times, to feed for his family Marya's husband, Django, was moved to steal. This provided an inadvertent example for a young Pietro who, in turn, stole a great deal more. In light of his and Pietro's thefts, and the belief that Wanda was at fault in the later incident involving the display of her powers to save a boy, the nearby villagers convened on Marya's camp and attacked. They burned the family wagon, nearly killing Marya, and supposedly thought of as dead by her family. However, a woman managed to put out the flames on her body and she faded into obscurity. She reunited with Wanda and explained some details of her past along with her sister, Wanda's mother.



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