The past history of Mary Jane Watson of Earth-9997 mirrors that of her Earth-616 counterpart. A diversion in their respective histories exist in that on Earth-9997, Peter and Mary Jane have always been married. Evidence suggests reality on Earth-9997 was not manipulated by Mephisto to make as though their marriage never existed. In this reality, the couple had a child named May. This is also on par with their Earth-616 counterparts, however in this reality, May Parker survived and was raised by the Parkers.
Prior to the release of Terrigen Mist into Earth's atmosphere Mary Jane contracted cancer and died while May was still a little girl.
In recent history, when Peter Parker was trying to apprehend Spiders Man, he was attacked by Spiders Man's illusions. Instead of torturing Parker as intended, Peter took control of the illusion world and created an idealistic fantasy world based on his wants. In this world, Mary Jane never married Peter, but instead married Harry Osborn and Peter married Gwen Stacy. This illusion ceased to exist when May Parker (now Venom) entered into the illusion and convinced her father to break free of it.




Seemingly those of Mary Jane Watson of Earth-616.

  • Mary Jane was seen in both Peter's Illusion brought on by Spiders Man, his flashback, and May's flashback of real events.

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