Little is detailed about Mary Jane’s life before the zombie plague arrived on Earth-2149; however, it can be presumed that it followed much of the same path as Mary Jane Watson of Earth-616.

Mary Jane and Aunt May are scared but safe and well at home, when Peter arrives at the window. He tells them that they need to get away, and then doubles over in pain; as Mary Jane goes to help, he lashes out at her, and she grabs his mask, exposing Peter's necrotised mouth. He then attacks his wife and starts to eat her.[1]

it is later revealed that Mary Jane had become infected and turned into a zombie after Peter attacked her. Her ultimate fate is currently unknown, though judging from Peter's guilt over killing his aunt and wife its plausible that he killed her afterwards in order to keep his 'food' (which at the time was his now dead aunt) away from her.[2]

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