Marvo the Magnificent was a mind reader who worked at a circus during the 1950s. In 1951, the owner of the circus became indebted to him for a million dollars and while they were facing bankruptcy they were unable to pay Marvo what they owed him. Marvo then began plotting "accidents" such as fires and other disasters to force the circus to claim their insurance and pay him off.

However, the insurance claims attracted the suspicion of the Amalgamated Insurance Company who sent their agent Bob Grayson to investigate the circus for shady dealings. Grayson got a job as an acrobat at the circus. Marvo read Grayson's mind and learned that he was really the Uranian super-hero known as Marvel Boy and that he required to take Uranium pills in order to maintain his strength on Earth, as well as his motivations for getting a job at the circus. Marvo then sent his minion Samson the strong man to steal Grayson's Uranium pills. He then attempted to have Grayson fall off a tightrope to his death, but Grayson managed to avoid serious injury.

When fellow circus performer Starr Ryder warned Grayson that Samson stole his pills, Marvo had Samson kidnap the girl while he attempted to take Grayson's life during the next performance. However, Starr managed to break free and return the stolen pills to Grayson before the show. During the performance, Marvel Boy avoided the attempt on his life and knocked out Samson in the process. Marvo then unleashed lions from their cages, but Marvel Boy easily stopped them with his light bands. When Marvo attempted to flee the scene he was also blinded by Marvel Boy's light bands and then turned over to the police. His subsequent fate is unknown.[1]


Marvo was a mind reader of unknown origins. He was able to read the minds of others. The upper limits of his abilities and any limitations are unknown.

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