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It is the year 5002, "After three thousand years, the industry recovered from Ron Perelman bankrupting Marvel.” In-between, Ted Turner purchased Marvel Comics from “two dunces named Joe and Bill”, as well as Earth, who he renamed "Turner" = before he sold his assets to America Online, who then renamed the planet “AOLon”. As a meteor shower starts to fall on the world, Ted and Jane decide to send their son KalAOL back in time so he could find a way to save the planet.

Ted gives Al a lecture on how he’s going to be the only survivor, doomed world - the Superman origin - and gives him an AOL trial CD so he would ride a time machine made of Playstation 1 parts and Atari controllers. KalAOL arrives in 2002 using a silver and blue jumpsuit with “MARVEL”. Some kids come up to him, see it, and go, “Hey, cool! Do you know Joe Quesada?” before he replies that his friends is fans with DC Comics' then-president Paul Levitz. Alone on the streets now, Al starts testing to see if he now has superpowers.

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