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Clay Marvels
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Alicia Masters-Grimm (Creator/Controller)
Information-silk Former Members
Life size clay statues based on Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man others.
Information-silk Enemies
Information-silk Origin
Brought to life by a combination of the Puppet Master's radioactive clay, and Alicia Masters-Grimm's mutant powers to give life to the lifeless.
Information-silk Place of Formation
Presumably the Grimm family home in Yancy Street.
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The Marvels are animated clay statues sculpted by Alicia Masters-Grimm, who created them and gave them life through a combination of her step-fathers radioactive clay as well as her Terrigen Mist spawned powers that give her the power to give life to the lifeless. Each of the clay Marvels were based on Earth's many heroes and sculpted to appear as they did in their prime. Originally, Alicia created them to help out with the house work around the Grimm family home. They followed Alicia's commands or anyone she wished to have control over them. They had limited independent thought and apparently they had particular talents, the Captain America statue apparently made a good apple pie.
When Captain America's initial counter-attack against the Skull's invasion of New York failed he noticed that the Skull's powers could only effect living beings with a mind of their own. He was unable to take control of the the Iron Avengers, nor the Hulk (not until he took control of Banner anyway), and decided to use that to his advantage. His final attack involved the clay Marvels, while Cap secretly went into action disguised as the Captain America clay Marvel. When the Skull realized that the Marvel's weren't alive and could not take control of them, it gave Cap the ability to get close to the Skull without being put under his control because the Skull did not think he could take control of Cap.
With no other choice, Captain America was forced to kill the Skull by breaking the boy's neck, freeing everyone under their control. As the clay Marvels have not been seen since, it is presumable that they have all destroyed, and Alicia has not seen fit to create new ones.

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