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Marvels: Eye of the Camera Vol 1 3


Marvels: Eye of the Camera Vol 1 3

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Appearing in "Chapter 3: Shadows Within"Edit

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Synopsis for "Chapter 3: Shadows Within"Edit

Phil Sheldon attends an interview with Sam Reuther to promote his new book, Marvels. Reuther asks Sheldon if his next book will be about villains, but Sheldon says he wants to show the world how the super-heroes have been mistreated by the people they seek to protect.

However, Reuther turns the subject to the anti-heroes who have recently emerged such as the Punisher, "Wolverine", and Ghost Rider. Frustrated, Sheldon says one can tell the difference between these "anti-heroes" and heroes like Captain America or Spider-Man. Reuther reminds the audience that the police are still investigating Spider-Man's involvement in Captain Stacy's death before finishing the interview by promoting Sheldon's book.

Still frustrated by his interview, Phil meets his former assistant in photography, Marcia Hardesty, who asks Phil if he could help her with making documentaries as he had suggested.

While Phil recovers from a treatment for his lung cancer, he looks through some old magazines. A nurse helps Phil change the channel on the television, where he hears Thor announce that the Avengers are recruiting at Yankee Stadium and that the original Fantastic Four are getting back together. Dr. Geoffries recommends that Phil keep up some kind of physical activity to help his chances of recovery.

Eager to get back on the streets despite his retirement, Phil grabs his camera and investigates a recent battle between the Iron Fist and a robot by interviewing a bystander. Next, Phil interviews some people at the Avengers Mansion after Wasp got injured in an attack. One person Phil interviews questions Beast attempting to join the team, but a woman defends the mutant.

Next, Phil discovers that Yellowjacket has collapsed on the streets, and Beast creates a serum which the vision delivers in ghostly form. The other observers on the street become relieved once the serum works, and one on-looker compares the Beast to the Thing.

Phil goes back to the files and looks over pictures he took of the Thing. During dinner, Phil reads a news story in the Daily Globe about monsters across the United States. From the Daily Bugle, he learns that the Falcon is to stand trial.

Back on the streets, Phil interviews New Yorkers to get their opinion on the recent Falcon trial. The first couple of interviewees defend the Falcon, but one New Yorker says he can not feel sorry for them, because his house got destroyed during a recent Daredevil-Torpedo fight.

Several weeks later while Phil is still thinking about the man's story, Phil emerges from the subway to find the aftermath of a "Madbomb" attack. Phil gets some pictures of the Falcon saving some civilians. While Phil works on the photos in his darkroom, he hears news of a battle at JFK International with unconfirmed reports that the X-Men may be involved. Phil hurries to the scene and learns that the X-Men had tried to erase the bystanders' memories of battle, but that it had not worked on one man who has a metal plate in his head that he got from fighting in the Vietnam War.

At a local restaurant and bar, Sheldon and Ben Urich discuss the X-Men's cover-up and Punisher mob killings. Ben receives news that J. Jonah Jameson has been kidnapped. Sheldon and Urich chase down leads on the kidnapping to the Statue of Liberty, where they find the Punisher and Spider-Man saving Jameson from the Hitman.

As the Hitman, Spider-Man, and Jameson dangle precariously from the statue's crown, the Punisher helps Spider-Man and Jameson up. The Hitman finally lets go and falls down to his death. Phil compares this incident to Gwen Stacy's death, and wonders if Spider-Man should have tried to save the Hitman. Overcome by conflicted feelings, Sheldon collapses, and Urich proclaims he needs a doctor.

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