Quote1 How can Janet van Dyne fail to fall in love with the man who is now mightier than Goliath himself? Quote2
-- Living Laser

Appearing in "The Light That Failed!"Edit

This story is a reprint of the comic
Avengers #35.

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Synopsis for "The Light That Failed!"Edit

This story is reprinted from Avengers #35.

Goliath arrives to save Hawkeye and Captain America from the Living Laser's trap. The Living Laser creates a huge powerful laser cannon and decides to save Costa Verde from dictatorship for fame and money. The Avengers attack the Living Laser but they are defeated by the Laser's huge cannon and captured. Goliath escapes by dangerously willing himself to shrink even though it is unsafe, and sabotages the Laser's cannon. It explodes and defeats the Laser. The issue ends with an unknown person reaching a shocked Captain America.

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