Quote1 But I've always been a weak man ... a terribly terribly weak man... Quote2
-- Puppet Master

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Continued from last issue.... Spider-Man has brought the Puppet Master to the Baxter Building where he is confronted by the Thing and Alicia Masters. There, the Puppet Master is coerced into telling the heroes into revealing that Alicia's blindness is curable, and leads them towards one of his hide outs. Along the way, he explains how his past jealousy of Jacob Reiss, the biological father of Alicia led to her blindness.

Arriving at the hide out, they are attacked and soon learn that the Man Thinker is inside. The Puppet Master escapes and hides out with the Thinker. The Thinker sends an android out to terrorize Alicia, prompting the Puppet Master to put aside his criminal ways and knocks out the Mad Thinker cold (With an assist from Spider-Man.) After the Thing defeats the android and save Alicia, Spider-Man returns to the surface, he leaves the Thinker and Puppet Master tied up. However, when Spider-Man reaches the surface he the base explodes, and the two heroes assume that their foes are dead.

  • This issue contains a letters page, Mail It To Team-Up. Letters are published from Al Soles, Brian Howard and Norm Houseman.

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  • Spidey and the Thing - together!

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