Quote1 Oh Death -- Where is thy Sting? Quote2
-- Jolly Jonah Jameson

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Continued from Marvel Two-In-One #17... Basilisk has raised a volcano in the middle of New York harbor, and has defeated the Thing. With only Spider-Man to face him, Basilisk throws the unconscious Thing at Spider-Man.

Explaining to Spider-Man that he survived their last encounter when he was absorbed by the Omega Stone and saved by the Moloids, Basilisk blasts Spider-Man away. Spider-Man then revives the Thing and the two team up to try and stop Basilisk. As J. Jonah Jameson loses his temper because Peter Parker is unavailable, the two heroes battle Basilisk across town.

After a lengthy battle across New York City, the Thing and Spider-Man knock Basilisk into the volcano he erected, causing an explosion that destroys the volcano.

  • This issue states that the next issue would feature the Scarecrow however, the next issue of Marvel Team-Up features Iron Man, the Scarecrow actually appears in Marvel Two-In-One #18.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Mail It To Team-Up. Letters are published from Ralph Macchio, Dave Lofvers, Oscar Gonzalez, and Wayne Sallee.
  • The Story continues over from Marvel Two-In-One #17 where Spider-Man returns from his trip through time as seen in previous Team-Ups.

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