Quote1 Is this a private party? Or is anybody invited? Quote2
-- Deathlok

Appearing in "Future Shock: Part II ...Am I Now or Have I Ever Been?"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Cubists
  • Strake
  • Grisson (Death)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Future Shock: Part II ...Am I Now or Have I Ever Been?"Edit

Continued from last issue... Still traveling through time and trying to get home, Spider-Man ends up in the year 1990. There he spies Deathlok who is targeting what appears to be innocent people. However, Spider-Man realizes his error when it turns out these "innocent" people are really Cubists who attack the two heroes, forcing them to flee.

Spider-Man is horrified to hear that the year is 1990, only 15 years ahead of his own time. Along the way, the two heroes are targeted by Strake and Grissom, two assassins still loyal to Deathlok's foe Ryker. Spider-Man attacks and brings down the snipers. However when Deathlok kills one of them, which does not sit well with Spider-Man.

They are then attacked again by the Cubists, and fight them into retreating. Afterwards, Spider-Man is determined to return to his own time and try to prevent this nightmare future from ever happening.

This story continues directly into Marvel Two-in-One #17.

  • Inks: backgrounds by Hunt (uncredited).
  • Although the future which Deathlok hails from was originally slated to be a possible future of the Marvel Universe. However it has since been retconned as an alternate universe, designated Earth-7484.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Mail It to Team-Up. Letters are published from Rook Jones, Rebecca Farash, John Harbottle, and Frank Lomenzo.

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