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  • Fantastic Four "Sky Flier"

Synopsis for "The Night of the Frozen Inferno"Edit

With Spider-Man traveling on a mission in a sky-craft lent to him by the Fantastic Four, a restless Human Torch decides to check out where Spider-Man told him he could find some action. Attacked by an ice projectile, the Human Torch searches for the source and finds the Ice Man in the area.

Blaming Ice Man for the attack, the two get into a battle until it's broken up by the other members of the X-Men, who corroborate Ice Man's story that he wasn't involved. Deciding to help Johnny find the real attacker, Ice Man joins the Torch in his mission.

They come across a villain named Equinox, who has powers similar to both of their own. After a lengthy battle across the city, the two elemental heroes use their powers together against Equinox which causes an explosion. At first they believe Equinox is destroyed, however they notice that the blast had blown open a hole into the sewers below, leaving the two heroes to believe that Equinox survived the explosion and escaped.

  • Inks by Eposito and Hunt (uncredited).
  • Letters (story pages): Saladino (uncredited), Jetter pages 2-18.
  • This issue features a letters page, Mail it to Team-Up. Letters are published from Rich Teichmann, Gordon Abney, Karl Byrn and Dave Lofvers.

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